Will information that I share with the Case Investigation and Contact Tracing Team (CICTT) be reported to Student Conduct?

Health and safety are at the forefront of all Ohio State efforts. In alignment with the university’s amnesty policy, information shared with the CICTT regarding minor policy violations, including but not limited to underage drinking, will not be reported to Student Conduct to encourage honest communication.


I live off-campus. Can I quarantine or isolate on-campus?

Due to de-densification of the residence halls, the university does not have space in residence halls to provide quarantine and isolation housing to students who do not hold university housing contracts. Ohio State has worked with local hotels to secure rates and other information for students who may need quarantine or isolation housing off-campus


What if I receive a positive test result? 

If you are tested at an Ohio State site (either Student Health Services or a Wexner Medical Center swab station) through a university process, you will be notified by secure message, and someone from Student Health Services will contact you by phone to offer initial guidance for the management of your illness. You will also be contacted by the university’s contact tracing team to identify any related exposures. More information about what to do is online.  


What do I do if I  come  in contact with someone with a positive test result?   

Please direct questions about contact with someone with a positive test to  or  614-688-CASE (614-688-2273).  


I have in-person and online classes.  What spaces across campus are available to me to take my online class? 

Spaces are available, as always, for study in various campus buildings including the libraries, Ohio Union and RPAC. Please note that seating in all these locations has been reduced to accommodate physical distancing, and you are not permitted to move furniture from its designated location. You will be encouraged to listen with headphones and discouraged from interacting verbally with the class as it would distract others.   

I found out all my classes will be online, and I want to get out of my leasewhat are my options? 

To learn about your rights and responsibilities for your lease, contact Student Legal Services. If you would like to try and sublease your room or apartment, you can post a roommate or sublet ad. 


I’m an off-campus/commuter student, where can I get my return-to-campus kit? 

Locations and timeframes can be found on the Safe and Healthy Buckeyes website


In my opinion, my roommate(s) are not practicing safe and healthy behaviors and I’m concerned for my own health and safety. What can I do? 

Possible violations of the Code of Student Conduct, including large gatherings and events, can be reported online: In addition, as an Ohio State student, the mediation program through Student Life’s Student Conduct department is available to you as a resource.  


I’m a commuter student and only have one class in person this semester.  I don’t want to buy a parking pass just to park on campus once a week; are there other options? 

Visit for all parking options, including pay by the hour as well as day passes. 


I’m a commuter student who takes public transportation to and from campus – how can I be safe when utilizing public transportation?


My property owner/manager wants to bring prospective tenants into my apartment/house to provide a tour. What are my rights? 

To understand your rights and responsibilities, we encourage you to speak with Student Legal Services, 


The maintenance team entered my property without wearing a mask.  What are my rights?  

To understand your rights and responsibilities, we encourage you to speak with Student Legal Services,  


What are the consequences for failing to uphold the Together as Buckeyes health and safety pledge I signed? 

All Ohio State students, faculty and staff are expected to meet the behavioral and safety expectations under the Safe Campus Requirements when they physically participate in any university activity, on or off-campus. All students, faculty and staff also will be required to perform a daily health check to report body temperature each day they intend to be physically on an Ohio State campus. Failure to adhere to these requirements will be addressed through standard enforcement mechanisms, and an approach built on escalation, whereby adherence will be reinforced through education, choice and peer support before escalating to disciplinary action whenever possible. More information on consequences is online.  


How do I clean/sanitize my apartment/house?  

Information on how to clean and sanitize your home can be found on the Centers for Disease Control website.  

And on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency site.  


I have additional questions, who can I contact?

You can call the return-to-campus phone line for information about on-campus living, off-campus living, health and safety guidelines, COVID testing and academics. Call us at 614-292-7587. The phone line is currently closed for Winter Break but voicemail is being monitored.


Is Ohio State offering emergency financial assistance?

The Ohio State University provides emergency financial assistance to students who may otherwise be at risk of dropping out of college due to an unexpected financial emergency.  

If you, or a student you know, are experiencing unplanned expenses, the Student Advocacy Center may have emergency funding available (resources are limited). They are currently accepting applications and may award up to $1,000 to eligible students.

Students may visit for additional details.