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  • Check your lease for Landlords' responsibilities for repairs. Check your lease for Landlords' responsibilities for repairs.

Common Housing Issues

While living in your off-campus rental property, you may have questions about your rights/responsibilities as well as your property manager's rights/responsibilities, which we can assist you with.

Getting Repairs

When you need a repair made in your apartment/house, you usually call your property manager to make the repair request. Always follow-up a repair request in writing. Send the written request to your property manager (email, hand delivery and signed by an office representative) and always keep a copy for your records. The landlord typically has up to 30 days to repair non-emergency repairs. If after 30 days of receiving the repair request in writing, the landlord has still not fixed the problem, contact Student Legal Services.

Problems With Your Property Manager

Sexual Harassment & Discrimination

  • If you feel you have been sexually harassed by your property manager or his/her employee, immediately contact Student Legal Services.
  • If you feel your property manager or their employee has discriminated against you, immediately contact Student Legal Services. 
  • Sale of Property - During your lease term, your property manager might sell the building you are living in. Even if you get a new property manager mid-year, your current lease still remains valid, however, exceptions do exist.

Unlawful Entry

  • Your property manager is required to provide 24 hours notice prior to entering the premises in non-emergency instances. If you are having issues with your property manager entering unlawfully, contact Student Legal Services. You also want to send a notice of unlawful entry immediately to your property manager (make sure to keep a copy for your records)


  • Your property manager has the right to evict a tenant for various reasons.  However, the property manager must follow certain procedures. Immediately contact Student Legal Services if you receive an eviction notice.

Noisy Neighbors

  • If have issues with your neighbors, contact your landlord immediately so that they are aware of the situation. You also want to send the landlord a letter providing notice of the noise violation (make sure to keep a copy for your records).
  • If the problem persists, you may want to contact the police to report a noise disturbance. Make sure to keep a copy of the police report for your records, and send a copy to your property manager.


Student Legal Service

If you have any questions or concerns regarding property manager retaliation, rent increase, discrimination, black mold, rodents, etc. contact Student Legal Services 614-247-5853, 20 E. 11th Avenue.

If you suspect your unit has a code violation and your property manager refuses to fix the problem, contact the City of Columbus Housing Code Enforcement at 614-645-8139 to request a Code Enforcement Officer to inspect the premises.