Community Ambassadors

Willie J. Young Sr. Off-Campus and Commuter Student Engagement welcomes you to the University District!

The Community Ambassadors are focused on peer led efforts in the University District and work to promote civic engagement and essential life skill knowledge through inclusive community-building initiatives. Keep a lookout for your Community Ambassadors who will help you have a fun and safe off-campus experience in your off-campus community this year. If you have questions, please email the Off-Campus Residential Experience Manager, Rachel DeMooy.

BLOC Teams Community

Community Ambassadors are hosting an online community through Office365 Teams called BLOC (Buckeyes Living Off-Campus). Any students in the University District area are welcome to join this online group to meet fellow off-campus buckeyes, learn more about the fun things to do off-campus and stay connected to their neighborhood and the University!

Your Neighborhood Events and Initiatives

The Community Ambassadors strive to build community, increase safety awareness, and support the extraordinary student experience. They are able to do this in a variety of ways including community outreach to residents and offering opportunities for off-campus students to better the community.

Interested in serving in the role of a Community Ambassador? We are now accepting applications and interviewing for our future Community Ambassador team!