Off-Campus Kindness Challenge

Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services is teaming up with the Ohio State Kindness Initiative to spread acts of kindness off campus. Students who share their kind deed will have the chance of being selected to have $100 donated in their name to an organization of their choice. Participants will be notified on 11/22/2020.

Funding assistance is available first-come, first-serve to support acts of kindness. Follow us us on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on future opportunities.

Here are some ways you can be kind to those in your community:

  • Rake the leaves next door – what a great way to introduce yourself to your neighbors!
  • Donate items to a local food pantry – supporting our community is always kind.
  • Volunteer at a local nonprofit with your roommates – what a great way to spend some quality time with your roommates.
  • Brighten someone’s day – bring a treat to a local business, your landlord or a fire station.

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