Vendor Information

Instructions adapted with permission from Student Activities.

Spring 2021 Off-Campus Living Expo: Tuesday, February 9, 2021 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

The live Off-Campus Living Expo event takes place from 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

The booth displays and features will be available to navigate in the virtual platform from Feb 9-28.

The Off-Campus Living Expo serves as a fun and interactive event for Ohio State students, parents, faculty and staff to gather information about off-campus living and safety. This event incorporates available rental properties, transportation, fire and home safety, personal health, financial wellness and more. We encourage all students to attend an Off-Campus Living Expo before making a final decision on where to live.

Vendors Register Here

Students Access Event Here

The live Off-Campus Living Expo will be on Tuesday, February 9 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The platform will remain open for engagement until February 28 at 11:59 p.m.

Access the fair as a vendor at

The Spring 2021 Off-Campus Living Expo will be held virtually, allowing vendors to live-chat with attendees while displaying information and media in their virtual booth for student attendee viewing.

Participating organizations can expect the following:

  • Virtual booth which can be customized
  • Upload various materials (videos, photos, documents, website links, social media, etc.)
  • Flexible connection options - live-chat, video chat, or both
  • Private chat between staff members
  • Export attendee information for easy post-fair communication
  • Access to the fair portal until February 28 - connect with potential tenants after the event, log in and export information, and message interested individuals directly in the system.

Here's a preview of what the fair will look like to attendees:

Instructions for Participation

Read step-by-step instructions with photos for accessing, editing, and previewing your booth.

  1. Get to work on your boothFollow step-by-step instructions to set up your booth.
    • Determine booth staff members. Staff members have full access to all booth features - staffing the booth, uploading information, chatting with attendees, and exporting attendee information. Staff members also have the ability to navigate as attendees during the fair.
    • Customize your booth. View a CampusGroups provided video walk-through of customizing a booth to get more insight. Check out a list below of suggestions to add to your booth for ideas
  2. Determine day-of-roles for staff members. During the live hours of the Off-Campus Living Expo (11 a.m.-4 p.m.), at least one booth staff member should be present to facilitate the booth. Staff members can choose to enable or disable the live chat feature, and may choose to provide a link to a live Zoom room for additional interaction. If your organization is providing both chat and live video options, it is recommended to have different individuals staffing each feature. Don't forget to designate which staff members have access to the chat in your booth settings!
  3. Update shareable organization information. Ensure your organization is ready to connect with interested students by updating any external platforms (social media, websites, etc). 
  4. Enjoy the Off-Campus Living Expo! When you're ready, make sure to select to Activate Booth in order for it to show up in the event.
  5. Export information and contact potential members after the event. Check out the step-by-step instructions for Contact Exporting to generate a report of people who indicated interest in your properties during the Off-Campus Living Expo. 

Booth Customization

By adding many different types of information and materials to your booth, your business is more likely to be seen by attendees because the system prioritizes organizations with more booth content higher on search results.

  • Videos:
    • Videos should be short, dynamic, and fun.
    • Show potential tennants what they'd be missing if they didn't live in your properties!
  • Photos/Documents:
    • Your main photo will be what appears in the thumbnail for your organization. An eye-catching logo would be perfect for this photo.
    • Show a range of photos to supplement. These could be photos of your properties, management office, interior/exterior, staff members, etc.
    • Attach documents such as sample leases or flyers.
  • Links:
    • Post your organization's website
    • Invite followers to your social media accounts
    • Include contact information for staff members

We're Here to Help


What else do you need? What problems do you need to figure out? Contact:, we are happy to schedule short tutorials with members of your organization.

During the hours of the fair:

  • Use the Information Booth for help. Once you are logged on and in the fair, you will be able to access the virtual help desk on the left toolbar. Whether you need clarification on how to navigate the fair, are experiencing technical difficulties, or have a general question, the Information Booth will allow you to get the help you need.
  • Call Student Life's Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services at 614-292-0100 to speak with one of our team members on the phone.