Buckeye Block Watch

The Buckeye Block Watch is a safety awareness initiative available to all Ohio State students living off-campus to increase awareness of safety practices and available resources.

As a part of Buckeye Block Watch movement, you pledge to:

  • Be alert
  • Know your neighbors and watch out for each other
  • Report suspicious activities and crimes
  • Learn how you can make yourself and your community safer

Opportunities for Involvement:

  • Display a BBW window sign
  • Attend BBW-sponsored events
  • Wear your BBW t-shirt

Buckeye Block Watch window signs are available at our office in the Ohio Union, suite 3106. By placing a sign on your window you are:

  • Reminding neighbors and passers-by to practice safe behaviors in the community
  • Identifying yourself as a trusted neighbor who will look out for fellow community members