Community Events

The Community Ambassador program works to build community in the off-campus area by hosting several events and encouraging off-campus students to socialize and meet their neighbors. It is the belief of the Community Ambassador program that a stronger sense of community breeds pride and respect - something that consequently makes the off-campus community a better place to visit and live for everyone.

OCCSS Welcome

Each year, during the week prior to the start of class, Community Ambassadors, Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services, and volunteers in the office of Student Life set off into the off-campus area to welcome new and returning residents in the University District. The meet and greet serves to welcome returning students back, to introduce the Community Ambassador program and to provide students with essential information regarding their off-campus rights and responsibilities and provide access to various resources that students can take advantage of to make their off-campus life safer and less stressful. Through the work of the Community Ambassadors and a large group of Student Life volunteers, thousands of students are equipped with useful information and welcomed back into the community!

Community Cookouts

During each Autumn semester the Community Ambassadors welcome back off-campus students by hosting free cookouts on their respective streets. The cookouts encourage students to get to know their new neighbors, meet their Community Ambassador(s) and build a safe, friendly community in the off-campus area. Approximately 100 to 200 students attend each cookout, making it a great way to introduce the Community Ambassador program and upcoming events. Students not only get a chance to socialize with their neighbors, but also get informed other great CA programs, most specifically, Buckeye Block Watch. The cookouts are fun for both the Community Ambassadors and the off-campus students... Doesn’t everyone love free food?

Off-Campus Living Expo

The Off-Campus Living Expo is one of the Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services' signature events that we offer to the off-campus community each year. Last year, we had a record high turnout filling the Performance Hall in the Student Union. Residents had the opportunity to visit booths with potential property managers to rent from and other booths pertaining to safety regarding self, property, bike, and more while receiving an Expo t-shirt and window signs. 

Scarlet and Grey Cornhole Tournament

Interested in playing cornhole with your friends and neighbors? Want to put your skills to the test?

The Community Ambassadors host the Cornhole Tournament every year known as the Scarlet and Grey Cornhole Tournament. This event is one of our most exciting events! The Cournhole Tournament provides a chance for students to demonstrate their skill and prowess in the highly competitive world of cornhole! Teams participate in a battle royale amidst the off-campus community--they first compete against street-mates and then progress against other streets.  The tournament has become one of the better-known and heavily anticipated events of the year.

The Scarlet Warrior Challenge

The Scarlet Warrior Challenge brings together Student Life Departments and other communities around Columbus, all while having the spirit of being a healthy Buckeye. The race takes place at Fred Beekman park on west campus. Donations from the race will benefit the Buckeye Food Alliance, a student organization on campus. Runners and walkers of all ages are welcome to sign up! Join us at The Scarlet Warrior Challenge to get to a healthier you!

If you have any questions about any of these events, please contact our office at, or call us at 614-292-0100.