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  • Student Supervisors for Commuter Liasons and Community Ambassadors Student Supervisors for Commuter Liasons and Community Ambassadors

Your Community Ambassadors

Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services (OCCSS) welcomes you to the University District neighborhood!

OCCSS works directly with community residents! Community Ambassadors are Ohio State students employed by OCCSS who live off-campus and build community and deliver important safety and living information to the residents of the off-campus neighborhood. Keep a look out for your Community Ambassadors who will help you have a fun and safe off-campus experience on your street this year. If you have questions, please email the Community Ambassador Student Supervisors, Tim Cho or Aryell Alkire.

Off-Campus Monthly Newsletter

We always want to make sure off-campus students knows what’s happening in their community. Every month during the school year, we send out our Off-Campus Monthly Newsletter to students living off campus. The newsletter features useful on- and off-campus resources, upcoming events and more. If you are not receiving a newsletter or would like to join the mailing list, contact us today.

Your Neighborhood Events and Initiatives

The Community Ambassadors strive to build community, increase safety, and create an extraordinary student experience. They are able to do this in a variety of ways including outreach to residents, holding events for off-campus students and creating Neighborhood Projects to better the community. To learn more about the Neighborhood Projects, and see upcoming events, click “Community Events”.



Community Ambassadors


Chittenden & E. 12th Ave.

Brianna Antinoro

E. 13th & E. 14th Ave.


E. 15th & E. 16th Ave.

Brooke Leonard

E. Lane & E. Norwich Ave.


E. Northwood & E. Oakland Ave.

Tim Cho

W. Northwood & W. Norwich

Tyler Ruger

Frambes & Woodruff Ave.