Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience

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About Us

Student Life's Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services' mission is to serve off-campus and commuter students by collaborating with stakeholders and providing opportunities to foster involvement, civic engagement and student success to enhance the extraordinary student experience. These efforts include encouraging off-campus and commuter students to understand their rights and responsibilities. Residents of the broader community should be actively engaged as a neighbor and student, as well as being a committed participant to one’s own personal safety. Through programing and participation, students acquire necessary life skills to have an extraordinary off-campus experience.

We work with:

  • Students
  • Permanent residents
  • Local area landlords
  • University officials
  • Local Municipal Representatives
  • Various community members

Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services is The Ohio State University’s resource center for off-campus living and commuting. We can provide you with the means to find housing and roommates, resources to encourage safe practices in the off-campus area, and support you while being a responsible neighbor in the Buckeye community. We work tirelessly to ensure that you are practicing safe habits and enjoying your student experience; From providing free safety devices, to monitoring the off-campus neighborhoods, to mentoring first year commuters, we are here to support you!