Columbus Neighborhoods

For those who are new to Columbus, below is a short description of each neighborhood that surrounds the Ohio State campus.

The University District

The University District is the area directly surrounding the Ohio State campus. This area is considered to be within walking distance to campus. A large population of undergraduate and graduate students, as well as a smaller population of long term residents, live in this area. The University District is made up of apartment buildings, large older homes (often split up into apartments), townhomes and half doubles. There are also a variety of dining establishments, anywhere from fast food to casual sit down restaurants. You will find a great deal of entertainment in the University District including movie theaters, concert venues and much more.

Victorian Village/Italian Village

Victorian Village is located southwest and Italian Village is located southeast of the Ohio State campus. Portions of these areas are within walking distance to campus; other areas are a bike ride or quick bus ride away. The southernmost tip of these areas is approximately 2 miles from the Ohio State campus. Victorian Village and Italian Village are comprised of many old, large Victorian style homes, along with apartment buildings and townhomes. There is a large population of Ohio State graduate students and young professionals in these areas. These areas are known for entertainment, dining facilities and their annual festivals, including Comfest and the Italian Festival.

Short North

The Short North is located south of campus and filled with an eclectic hub of restaurants, shops, art galleries, boutiques and apartments that appeal to a diverse population. This area is a historic, diverse, urban neighborhood and is home to many events year round such as: the Gallery Hop (held the first Saturday of every month), the Arnold Classic Sports Festival, the Columbus Gay Pride Festival, and more.

Arena District

Located downtown and southwest of the campus area, the Arena District is a fairly new urban area. It is easily accessible through COTA, the Central Ohio Transit Authority. The Arena District is a trendy area, with newer apartment buildings that are located close to restaurants, shops and nightlife. This area has a high population of young professionals.

German Village

German Village, a historic neighborhood south of downtown, is approximately a 10 minute bus ride from campus. This neighborhood has a diverse population, including young professionals, residing in this area. German Village is also home to the Brewery District, an area with many restaurants and bars.


Approximately a five to ten minute drive to campus, Grandview is located west of the campus area. It is home to many graduate students and young professionals. Grandview is comprised of a variety of homes, duplexes, and apartment buildings. This area is well-known for its plethora of restaurants and bars. Local galleries, restaurants and bars host the Grandview Hop the first Saturday of every month from April through November.


Located just north of the campus area, Clintonville is home to many young professionals and long term residents. Whetstone Park, a Columbus Landmark, is located in this area as well. Whetstone Park has a number of bike trails, tennis courts and baseball fields and the Park of Roses. During the summer, there are a number of events including the Rose Festival and concerts in the Park of Roses.