USG Renter's Guide

Ohio State's Undergraduate Student Government (USG) surveys students renting from various property managers each year and asks them a series of questions. USG then compiles the results into what is called the Renter's Guide. The Renter's Guide gives students an idea of how local area property managers compare in many different areas. The information may help evaluate your off-campus housing options.

Purpose and Methodology

The data in USG's Renter's Guide is intended to provide useful information about the previous experiences of Ohio State students living in the off-campus area. This is done through surveying and evaluating the perceived level of service tenants received from the rental companies. Survey participants were asked to complete online questions relevant to their experience with their respective property owners from the previous year. We hope that you will utilize this guide to help you make an informed decision when choosing a landlord. An excellent resource for related leasing information is Willie J. Young, Sr. Off-Campus and Commuter Student Engagement, located in room 3106 of the Ohio Union. There is a section outlining their resources at the end of this Guide. The Undergraduate Student Government Renter’s Guide survey was administered by the Center for the Study of Student Life in September of 2019 to undergraduate students living in the 43201 ZIP code. The sample included 2,000 undergraduate students. The survey yielded 476 responses, or approximately a 23.4% response rate. The Undergraduate Student Government would like to thank everyone who responded to this year’s survey.


In publishing this information, neither the Undergraduate Student Government nor The Ohio State University endorses or supports any company or business over any other; this survey simply provides a direct report of tenant opinions. Because the data contained in this section reflect opinions, different interpretations are possible. The above- mentioned organizations assume no responsibility for the reader, tenant, or prospective tenant interpretation or reaction to the data. Nothing included in the data is intended to give legal advice. If you have any questions regarding the law or its application in a certain situation, we suggest you consult Student Legal Services ( or another attorney service.

Student Legal Services

Before you sign a lease agreement, request a sample lease from the property manager and take it to Student Legal Services for a lease review. Student Legal Services will provide you with helpful information about your rights and responsibilities under the lease.