Registration for Property Owners

The Ohio State University Off-Campus Housing Network Membership Term & Joining

The Ohio State University Off-Campus Housing Network year runs August 1-July 31. The deadline for companies to join The Ohio State University Off-Campus Housing Network for the upcoming network year is August 1. Membership for the network year will have a fixed term ending on July 31 for this network year.

For those seeking to join after the August 1st deadline, please note that the cost and enrollment requirements remain unchanged. However, your participation will commence on July 31 , aligning with the network's annual term.

We encourage interested companies to ensure timely enrollment to maximize their benefits within the Ohio State University Off-Campus Housing Network.


Please complete the following steps to register as a property owner:

  1. Visit Vendor Login to create your account
  2. Upload a recent blank copy of your lease
  3. Complete the Property Owner Survey
  4. Participate in a brief kick-off meeting with an OCCSE representative who will generate your invoice and review membership benefits
  5. Visit Vendor Login again to pay your invoice

Congratulations! You are now a member of the Off Campus Housing Network. To further use our service, be sure to add your properties, include as many details as possible, and we will approve these edits if submitted correctly.

If you already have a vendor dashboard you can login without completing the steps above.