International Students

Welcome to OSU! Bienvenue! 환영! Willkommen! ようこそ! Bienvenido! 欢迎! bem vinda! स्वागत हे! hoan nghênh! أهلا بك ! добро пожаловать!

We welcome the opportunity to serve well over 2,000 International Students each year. We work very closely with the Office of International Affairs to assist in serving each student. They have resources to assist you in finding housing on or off campus.

Once you have located a place to live, make sure you get a lease review from the Student Legal Services office prior to signing any contract with the property manager.  SLS will go through the entire lease with you, explain any clauses you may not understand, inform you of any unenforceable clauses in the lease, as well as help draft any verbal agreements you have with the property manager in writing into the lease.

Remember: you have the same rights as any other tenant.  If you feel that the property manager's requirements are abnormal or different compared to an American student's requirements, contact the Student Legal Services office immediately at 614-247-5853.