Partner With Us

Property Managers and vendors serving the off-campus community can register with Willie J. Young Sr. Off-Campus and Commuter Student Engagement, advertise their business and services, and support the University's off-campus community.

Off-Campus and Commuter Student Engagement offers various ways to reach the OSU community, including the unique opportunity to support the Off-Campus Living Guide, a comprehensive publication that is distributed to 12,000 students, parents, and staff each year. This publication is available online at, which is the second most visited Student Life website at The Ohio State University, receiving well over 2.5 million page views annually. Other vendor partnership opportunities include the Off-Campus Living Expo, Landlord Roundtables, and more.  

To register with our office, visit the vendor login web page here and click "Create an account." For additional information on registration, view the panel to the left and select "Registration for Vendors." If you are interested in learning more about all advertising opportunities and supporting the off-campus community, please contact us at 614-292-0100.