Safety Contacts

OSU Department of Public Safety

Through education, information, and active police and security presence, the OSU Department of Public Safety works to provide residents with the necessary resources to live in a safe environment. Through their website you can sign up for the Buckeye Alert System and discover additional safety information. For more information, visit

Columbus Division of Fire

Location: 3639 Parsons Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43201 Phone Number: (614) 221-3132

Columbus Police Department

Non-Emergency Number: (614) 645-4545

For more information you can visit

Staying alert and aware is an essential component of staying safe. Supplied with data from the Columbus Police Department, the LexisNexis Community Crime Map serves the community by displaying where, when, and what crime occured. 

Neighborhood Policing Center

The Neighborhood Policing Center, located on 11th Ave. between Summit and N. 4th in the University District, brings together law enforcement agencies and community organizations in an innovative and unique way to increase safety and visibility of police officers in the university and Weinland Park areas. To contact Neighborhood Policing Center, call 614-247-1760 or visit them at their location at 248 E. 11th Avenue Columbus, OH 43201.

Community Crime Patrol

Acting as an extra set of eyes and ears for the Columbus Division of Police, Community Crime Patrol, Inc. (CCP) gets the police to situations where they are needed. CCP is a group of highly trained citizen patrollers working to increase safety in Columbus neighborhoods. Equipped only with flashlights, two-way radios, and their training, CCP patrollers deter criminals, build neighborhood crime prevention awareness, assist in the apprehension of suspects, and provide first aid when needed. There are currently more than two-dozen patrollers in five Columbus neighborhoods.

To contact Community Crime Patrol, call 614-247-1760, visit their location at 284 E. 11th Avenue Columbus, OH 43201, or go to

Student Code of Conduct

If you have any questions regarding the Student Code of Conduct, visit Student Conduct.