Students and Families

What are the criteria to be included in The Ohio State University Off-Campus Housing Network?  

Criteria to be designated as in-network are focused on safety and lawful leasing practices. The commitments to which property owners agree include having leases that abide by city, state and federal law, properties meeting the City of Columbus Housing Code, maintaining exterior lighting and responding to all reports on the property of noise, hazards, trash, unsafe behavior etc. For any additional questions about the criteria, you can find the complete list online.    

What is the goal of the program?  

We recognize students can be faced with difficult decisions about where to live off campus. Most have never faced the challenge of finding a new place to live and are confronted with numerous options and choices. The Ohio State University Off-Campus Housing Network is designed to help students and their families make more informed decisions about housing options.   

How do property owners get their units included in the program?   

The Ohio State University Off-Campus Housing Network establishes certain criteria in areas such as safety and lawful leasing practices for off-campus residences. Owners complete a registration form in which they agree to the criteria, as well as share information about their business practices.   

Do you promise that the properties are safe and well-maintained?  

To be included in The Ohio State University Off-Campus Housing Network, property owners must commit to the criteria established by the program. This is not a representation or warranty regarding the suitability, fitness, condition, or safety of any specific rental property, and neither The Ohio State University nor its Off-Campus Housing Network collaborators are responsible for the accuracy or completeness of, or any liability or damage arising from the use of, any information provided in connection with The Ohio State University Off-Campus Housing Network. Students and families must exercise independent judgment when evaluating a prospective rental property.  


How will I know if a property owner is in-network?  

Information about in-network property owners will be included on the Off-Campus and Commuter Student Engagement (OCCSE) website. Property owners included in OCCSE materials and events such as the digital Off-Campus Living Guide and the Off-Campus Living Expo will be limited to those that are in-network. Owners of in-network properties will be given the opportunity to advertise in those publications and attend these events.   

How will property owners be held accountable to the criteria?  

City of Columbus Code Enforcement officers accompanied by staff from OCCSE will conduct random safety inspections of a portion of in-network properties. In addition, there is a process for students to report issues or concerns about specific in-network properties. Failure to meet the program’s criteria or to remedy problems may result in the property being removed from the Network.  Students also have the opportunity to complete a form to notify OCCSE if they don't feel that their property owner is meeting the commitments of The Ohio State University Off-Campus Housing Network.