Sublet Resources

Did you sign a lease but now you need to move out during your lease term? You can post a Sublet Ad on the Online Housing Search and find someone to take over your lease.

Requirements to post a sublet ad:

  • The rental unit/apartment/house will be completely vacant once you leave.
  • Your lease allows you to sublet.

Some property managers may require that you remain on the lease, while others may remove you from the lease and start an entirely new lease with the individual that sublets your place. Some property managers may require the person that sublets your place to pay a security deposit, while others may not.

Certain leases may state that if damage is done to the unit during your lease term (even if you move out), you can be held responsible for the damages, even if the damage was done by the individual who sublets your place. So make sure you are aware of your property manager's policies. If you have questions, contact Student Legal Services.

Your sublet ad and the information you provide will be available to the public. Anyone interested in subleasing your rental property will be able to contact you directly to sublet your place. Please make sure to remove your ad once you find someone to sublease your rental property. In addition, we ask that if you post a picture, please make sure it is appropriate. Off-Campus and Commuter Student Engagement monitors all pictures and reserves the right to remove any picture if necessary.

You will need an OSU username and password to sign in and create a Sublet Ad.