Buckeye Block Watch

Buckeye Block Watch promotes a safe and welcoming community in the University District. These patrols act as eyes and ears for safety concerns, offering resources and information while reporting suspicious activity.   

The initiative also encourages all residents of the neighborhood to play a role in getting to know one another and look out for each other.    

By utilizing the resources of our existing partner, Community Crime Patrol, and adding a partnership with Block by Block, Ohio State will provide patrols in the neighborhood on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. Additional coverage will be added on home football game days. 

Patrols will be on foot, on bikes and in a Buckeye Block Watch vehicle. They will be highly visible in the community, wearing bright orange gear.  

They are not sworn law enforcement officers, and will not have arrest powers or carry firearms. These Buckeye Block Watch patrols are separate and distinct from OSUPD, CPD, and the non-sworn security patrols Ohio State has in place using Campus Service Officers or private security firms.

Buckeye Block Watch individuals are given extensive training in how to deal with difficult situations, and learn best practices for public engagement, including mental health responses, first aid and CPR.  

Training also includes information specific to the University District, including history, landmarks, most traveled routes and popular locations in the neighborhood. They will be responsible for recording streetlight outages and other environmental concerns.  

Buckeye Block Watch patrols will be a calming presence in the off-campus area as a resource for students and long-term residents.