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Dump Your Bulk Items

July 24, 2017

Dump Your Junk! Help keep the University District safe and clean by properly disposing of unwanted items. Improper disposal of trash and furniture is illegal. Couches, mattresses, dressers, and similar large items cannot be abandoned in alleyways.

Before you dump your junk, check to see if you can donate first! Go to to find a local charity that can take your stuff.

Any unusable furniture, carpets, or mattresses should be taken to one of the 13 FREE Dump Your Junk locations found throughout the off-campus community.  These locations will be available July 29th through August 13th only.

You can find a map of them here:

Follow these guidelines when getting rid of your junk:  

  • Do not place large items (mattresses, couches, desks) in a dumpster.
  • Do not disassemble furniture pieces so they can be picked-up easier.
  • Do not abandon items in the alley so that they block vehicles.
  • Do not set any items in front of a dumpster.
  • Do not park your car in front of a dumpster.
  • Bag all smaller items in a trash bag or box and place them at a Dump Your Junk location.
  • Go to for the latest resources while moving.

Thanks for doing your part to keep the University District safe and clean for your fellow Buckeyes!