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Street Sweeping Off-Campus

April 2, 2019

Street Sweeping Has Started!

Hello students! If you are living in the University District, make sure to pay close attention to the street signs when parking. In neighborhoods with permanent signs that identify street sweeping parking restrictions, residents should check the signs carefully because vehicles that are not moved on sweeping days will be impounded and towed at the owner’s expense. The neighborhoods with permanent signs are Downtown, German Village, Harrison West, Italian Village, Neil Avenue and Ohio State University area. The City of Columbus will begin to tow vehicles to make room for the Divison of Infrastructure Management's Street Maitenance crew to sweep the streets. The primary purpose of sweeping streets is to remove dirt, litter and debris from curbs to prevent materials from being washed by rain into storm sewers.

In general, the city will sweep in the University District every second Thursday and Friday of each month from April through the last week of October. To find out if and when street sweeping crews will visit your neighborhood, you are able to type your address here and utilize the street sweeping schedule lookup tool. This website will also allow you to sign up for email, phone, or calendar reminders! To see if your street is going to be swept, the University District street sweeping map can be viewed here.

If you believe your car has been impounded because it was parked in a posted sweeping zone, you may contact the City Impound Lot (614) 645-6400.