Remembering Willie Young, Sr.

Willie Young, Sr. was a Buckeye legend, a trusted friend, advisor to many and an advocate for all Ohio State students. Having been with the university since 1990, Willie leaves a legacy that will never be forgotten.

Pay tribute to Willie's legacy by sharing your favorite memories, photos and nickname with us.

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Tina Clark
One time when I started coming to Homecoming I didn’t have a room just decided to come. Willie helped me get a room for the entire weekend free. He was so helpful and always knew how to make things happen. Later on we found out we shared some common friends Mr and Mrs James. Willie was special and greatly missed.
Sheila Rice
Willie gave me the best memory of him always caring and letting you know things could be ok. After 32 years of being married and facing divorce he just always let me know I would be ok and to hold on. There’s really no one thing it was just everything his words were on time and he was always on time. Thanks Pam and Jr for sharing the best guy ever with so many! ??
Ko Yamamoto
We have known Wille for many, many years through Buckeye bowl game tours. You could always find him in the middle of the action, entertaining all who were within earshot and of course, hosting his epic Trivia Nights with his unmatched knowledge of all things Scarlet and Gray! His kindness, openess, commitment to goodness, spirit and personality will always be a beacon of light shining the way to the path of where one should lead themselves in life. Thank you Willie - you are missed. You are remembered.
Terrance Smith
Nicknamed by Willie as: "The Infamous T"
Affectionately known as "Chilly Willy" by his NASAP family, was an awesome mentor, friend and advocate. His warm personality and charming smile would light up any room on any given day. He was very instrumental in my professional development and advancement. His legacy will always be respected, admired and cherished! Luv ya My Good Brother & Friend!!!??????
Randy Kammer
I have many fond memories of Willie. I will just share two of them.

On the night before their wedding, many of us were at Pam's house making paper flowers. Willie came in and he was crying because he sold his yellow corvette. It was the perfect example of male car bonding.

When the Super Bowl was played in Jacksonville, Willie came down for the game and visited us prior to the game at the beach. It turned out that his seat was exactly 10 rows behind mine. During the game, the man behind me got very drunk and profane. Before I confronted this guy, I looked up at Willie and he assured me that he had my back.

He never converted my Gator heart to the Buckeyes (in spite of valiant effort) but we attended multiple sporting events between our teams. I think of him often and miss him.


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