Remembering Willie Young, Sr.

Willie Young, Sr. was a Buckeye legend, a trusted friend, advisor to many and an advocate for all Ohio State students. Having been with the university since 1990, Willie leaves a legacy that will never be forgotten.

Pay tribute to Willie's legacy by sharing your favorite memories, photos and nickname with us.

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Charity Martin-King
Thank you for mentoring and caring for Dr. Patty and giving her the resilience and encouragement to create the Department of Social Change. Thank you for the conversations about local sports heroes and the candid discussions about Social Change. You are already missed. I am so glad your bench will have a home at the Social Change house. So appropriate! We stand on big shoulders! Again, thank you. The legacy will live on because of you.
Austin Yoder
Nicknamed by Willie as: SCR, House Call
I will never forget the day that Willie got an iPhone. The 1980s were suddenly fast forwarded to 2010. As soon as Willie figured out texting, he never stopped.

He was a boss, a golf partner, and for lack of a better description, my college dad. I had the privilege of introducing Willie to my hometown in amish country: to this day, I still don’t know which side was more shocked.

To Willie’s family: thank you for sharing him with us. We didn’t deserve him. He was the kindest, most genuine man I’ve ever met. Fly high mighty falcon!
Edward Stollard
Nicknamed by Willie as: Master Ed
As a code enforcement officer (retired) for the area, Willie would call me frequently with a problem of some sort. Not only would he have a solution, but would assist me with a decision that worked for all parties involved. Willie was a great advocate for the students, and a stand tall general for the university. Well done, Mr. Willie.
Aisha Echols
Nicknamed by Willie as: Mrs. Echols
When I first met Willie and I told him my last name, we immediately made the connection that he knew my father-in-law. They had attended East Tech H.S. in Cleveland and graduated together. Willie always greeted me as Mrs. Echols because of his connection to my father-in-law. My favorite memory of Willie is a funny one. One day, I was attending a conference in the Union and I ran into Willie. He discreetly let me know that I had on two different shoes. I looked down at my feet and discoverd that I had a tan flat on one foot and a black flat on the other. In my haste to get two small children out of the door that morning, I had put on two different shoes. Willie did not judge me or ever mention it again. I was so embarrassed. I quickly retreated to my car and changed shoes.
Olivia Brown
Nicknamed by Willie as: Driving Queen
Image provided by Olivia Brown
While working at OCCSS for around 5 years, Willie became one of my biggest mentors and a friend. I’m an aspiring student affairs professional and he gave me support and advice every single day. Willie was the one who introduced me to the graduate school program I’m currently in, so I would truly not be where I am today without him. I’ll miss our long talks on his Union “perch”, sitting in “the Museum” and helping him with his computer, and photographing his custom-made windbreakers.

A few years ago I had a mishap in the Union parking garage and accidentally dented our office van. I thought I was going to be fired immediately, but Willie was so forgiving. He laughed it off with me and gave me the nickname “Driving Queen”.


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