Remembering Willie Young, Sr.

Willie Young, Sr. was a Buckeye legend, a trusted friend, advisor to many and an advocate for all Ohio State students. Having been with the university since 1990, Willie leaves a legacy that will never be forgotten.

Pay tribute to Willie's legacy by sharing your favorite memories, photos and nickname with us.

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Tessa Jensen-Hedgecock
Nicknamed by Willie as: London Tess, Sister Tess
When Willie learned how I was minoring in African American studies he didn’t hesitate to talk to me for hours about it. He gave me a tour of all his office trinkets, including one of the original copies of the OJ Simpson trial verdict, which he knew I was interested in! Always a kind face, willing to talk to you about anything and a person who made me feel like what I wanted to do with my life was important.
David Manguiat
Nicknamed by Willie as: "The Magician"
My first semester of college, I worked at the Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services where Willie was Director. I'd never met anyone so invested in knowing you as an individual. Who else could remember someone's name, high school they went to, AND rattle off trivia facts faster than I could Google them??

During one shift, Willie called the office and, for some unknown reason, asked for me (specifically) to meet him outside. In what sounded like an urgent request turned out to be someone completely confused on how to connect his phone to his car's bluetooth speakers! Willie was full of compassion, love, humility, and had even called me to wish me a Merry Christmas after I'd left the office. He was a true light at Ohio State whose imprint will last at our school and with our students.
Erika Williamson
Nicknamed by Willie as: Irish Buckeye, tan shopping cart, the ship, mother ship
I had the pleasure of knowing Willie for over 20 years. I will miss his silly nicknames, and his parenting advice. He was one of a kind!
Marisa Lally
Nicknamed by Willie as: FB
I have many favorite memories with Willie. One of my fondest memories with Willie is standing on the Ohio Union balcony on the day of Taste of OSU and working together to name as many countries' flags as we could. Another is sitting with him in his office and learning about his favorite collectables and how he acquired them. He was an amazing person that left an incredible impact.
Dave Isaacs
Nicknamed by Willie as: Single-Wing
The very first time I met Willie, we talked about getting my undergraduate degree at Denison University. Never a football power, Denison used an outdated, old school offense known as the single wing. From day one, I was “Single-Wing” to Willie. It was a wonderful introduction to Ohio State and Student Life.


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